What we Fund

We believe that humanizing money is about putting it in service of humanity’s evolution. We believe that the alienation of the human family from its natural sources and the illusion of monetary value are intimately connected. Through our work we seek contribute a field for challenging commercial perspectives of ‘value’ and restoring a natural, inherent sense of life’s sacredness and a compassionate care for it. As we see it, three areas hold the greatest potential for this transformation:

Healing Biotope Meme

Imagining life in regenerative balance with the biosphere is one of the greatest cultural challenges and adventures of our times. Read more >

Practical Models

Research into regional autonomy and regenerative practices in water, food and energy to be applied in model peace villages and humanitarian aid interventions. Read more >

Healing Love

Applied research in and teaching of the core values and capacities for a love-based culture. Read more >

Education & Training

Sharing knowledge and skills for the creation of peace models through adult learning platforms and through free schools for children. Read more >