Healing Love

Love and sexuality are political issues which will not be healed through personal therapy alone. Following millennia of patriarchy in which love, sexuality and the feminine source were violently subjugated, we are called to restitute dignity and beauty to these sacred gifts of life. For us healing our collective relation to love and sexuality is key to the transition to a love-based culture. War in love is the ground from which violence springs; be it expressed with thoughts, words or ultimately with weapons.

It is not only our personal failures and imperfections but also our social structures that cause the breakdown of relationships; between people, nations and between our engagement with the whole. What forms of cohabitation support love? How can we live, exchange with each other and be together in such a way that it is no longer necessary to lie or hide our attractions? How can a life look in which lying to our partners no longer brings us benefit?

Change on any level of society requires truthful, compassionate and courageous men and women to sustain it. We fund seminars, community-building processes, and reconciliation work to address the depth of this matter. Funding community-building processes for us means to support the emergence of new social structures which can answer these questions.

We believe that new information in this area is needed because we know that information can lead to healing. We view art and creative media as the most powerful tools to convey deep concepts which help us to see new possibilities for these most intimate areas of our life. We fund work which is intended to create and transport new image icons of love into our networked globalized culture. This includes (but is not limited to) might be media campaigns, movie productions, theatrical approaches, print media, photography and creative festivals.